Flag of India

India, the glorious ancient land with full of resources, manpower, rich culture and a considerable wealth of all kinds, is now seen globally as the land of opportunities for prosperity and world peace in this New Age.  India is many-but it is a great one nation with over one billion people who have different languages, different religions, traditions and customs though culturally they are one people who have lived together culturally for centuries, that was the beauty of the great country India. Today’s India is gaining a strong ground in the globalised world. Its progressive economy attracted a large number of world’s countries to build bilateral relations. The country has got a considerable natural resources, wealth and talented manpower. Geographically its paramount boundary from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, its wall of mountains in the east and sea routes of Arabian sea and Indian ocean give a vast opportunity to build its strength as well as to create more wealth to become a rich nation again. India was one paramount nation before its Independence which was gained on 15th of August 1947. The British Raj maintained a strong unity of India and built up a powerful British Empire during its rule in India. However, unfortunately partition of India, creating Pakistan out of one nation India before 15th of August 1947, caused a grave concern to the whole South Asia region.  In 1971, Bangladesh was created out of east Pakistan, since, India has to face another boundary issue, and in 1961, China and India fought a war over Tibet issue and caused a boundary issue that is not resolved yet. India has these neighbours who created disturbing political boundary disputes which are still ongoing unresolved and caused a grave concern in the region. However, India since its Independence, with a clean slate. Made considerable progress and it is being recognised worldwide as the largest democracy on the earth. Its constitution was formed on British democracy model and then known as a new democracy whereas Britain is known as oldest democracy. India’s constitution is known as written one whereas Britain’s constitution known as an unwritten one.  However, politically both democracies have grown independently with remarkable political colours which added flavour to present day democracies.  But in recent times, the political ideology seems to be changing in India. The country seems to be facing communal conflicts and politicians seem to be becoming more narrow minded using communalism as their motto – and creating divisions within the country – seem causing disturbing problems in the new India. India has now 22 states. The country is governed federally, forming a central government which is being run from the capital city New Delhi. However, each state in the country has its own legislative council which has a democratic power to run a state respecting power from the central government. However, today’s India seems to be finding conflicts among states because of economic system, some of them want to follow according to their boundary. Therefore, distribution of resources seem to be causing problems. Moreover, corruption issue is causing a grave concern in the country and giving India’s bad name worldwide and seems damaging economic progress. What is needed in Today’s India is to create an atmosphere of oneness of people because India is one. The political colours should not be used as divisions. Every politicians need to see one India and serve the country with oneness. The premiership also needs to see all citizens equally and he or she needs to believe – premier is for all people. Communal and religious, caste and sub-castes elements need not be used politically and socially because every caste groups have poor and rich classes, therefore every citizen needs to be seen equally. Naturally the poor need help and such help needs to be provided by the country to all poor people whatever their background. India is many in various ways but it is one great nation with one rich Indian culture which every Indian follows with pride wherever they live home or abroad. All Indians are one people whatever their background may be – to make India more prosperous, oneness of Indian people home and abroad can bring prosperity and world peace. The unity of all Indians is a great strength that is today’s India needs it.. 
Vallabh Kaviraj The author of this article, Mr.Vallabh Kaviraj is a longstanding Indian journalist, a poet, writer and newspaper editor. He founded the pioneering independent Indian Asian English newspaper The AEN-The Asian Express Newspaper in London 1973, to promote better understanding and harmony among peoples globally.And also he founded GBF-Global Business Focus and The AEN News Diary publications in London. He has written a number of articles on global economy, global environment issues, current affairs and Asia affairs in general. He has worked hard to build up his newspaper which is being published on Internet.He is the man of all peoples. He has composed his own poems in two languages: in English and in Gujarati and published those poems in a book form called ‘Inspiration’ the first of its kind in London 1973 and added a novelty in the field of literature in Britain.He served as a parent governor in a secondary school in London for six years, contributing considerably to the field of education in London.His parents had a family business in Gujarat though he chose teaching there. He was formerly a teacher in Gujarat, India, before he came to Britain in 1956 for further study.He studied Business courses, law, economics and journalism in London and worked for large commercial organisation until retirement from work.He is now known as one of the pillars of the Asian society in Britain.