Melodious poems bring new light in complex world

 The creative poets through their visions of great thoughts reach places far beyond in the universe where even the Sun cannot reach. They admire the beauty of the whole universe where all mankind, natures and all creatures seem to be exiting dependable to one another under the supreme power of mighty God.

The creative poet Vallabh Kaviraj who has the INSPIRATION to bring a new light into the complex troubled world has expressed his profound great thoughts portraying realty in his English poems: HUMAN, PEACE ON EARTH, SPACE ON EARTH, BLOWS and many others which have added a novelty in the world of literature and that brought a high credit and made him the universal poet of today. His poems are well admired by many poetry lovers worldwide.

Mr. Kaviraj is a linguistic poet too. He has composed a large number of Gujarati poems such as: PARLIAMENT PALACE AT THE THAMES RIVER, THE BEAUTY OF OXFORD STREET, MAHATMA GANDHI BAPU, THE RIVER, THE MODERN MACHINE AGE and many others in which he has portrayed a reality of life. His all poems are well admired by Gujaratis worldwide.

Mr. Kaviraj is the pioneering Indian born poet in Britain, who pioneered in forming the first Gujarati Literary Association  in London 1973, which is now known under a different name. He was the main founding member and the secretary of that Gujarati Literary Association which was the first association of that kind formed then in Britain. In those days he joined a number of English poetry societies in Britain and appeared on television too. All his poems have been well publicised  in newspapers.

Mr. Kaviraj is not only a well known poet but also he is a longstanding professional journalist in Britain, who owns and edits his well established and well read newspaper called THE ASIAN EXPRESS NEWSPAPER  which has been founded by him in London 1973 and carried on  its in print version until 1999 and then expanded on world wide web since publishing it on Internet daily, gaining strong ground in the press-media and  reaching readers globally.

Also Mr. Kaviraj contributed his journalist work often for national newspapers and media in Britain and overseas and admired by readers globally.

He is the life member of the Newspapers Press Fund, the British institution which protects all its journalist members, the patron is Her Majesty the Queen. He was also the founding member and vice chairman of the Guild of Ethnic Minority Editors, founded in the UK to protect the interest of ethnic minority editors.

Mr. Kaviraj is a family man and takes keen interest in education and he was a parent governor for six years in one of the best Secondary schools in London, and his Indian origin and professional teacher wife also was teaching in schools in London until she retired. Mr and Mrs Kaviraj have two London born daughters who gained university education and after obtaining degrees both of them work in media in London.

Mr. Kaviraj’s book of poems in two languages in English and Gujarati called INSPIRATION first edition published in 1973, he made a history  because it was the first and only book of poem of this kind to appear in the literary field in Britain  and also the second edition of that book published in 1985. Now he is preparing for third edition to be published in three languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati in London soon.